Natural skin care routine

‘God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.’ – William Shakespeare
Ophelia uses makeup in her beauty routine to change her face, but what’s the reason? Does she want to impress Othello? Or perhaps she is trying to mask skin imperfections or appear younger in his eyes? We can of course appreciate the beauty “lent” by make-up – e.g. Ophelia’s, the expressive make-up of the silent movies of the 1910s or the artistic make-up of today’s Vogue magazines – but also the possibility of being naturally beautiful with only the “naked” skin of our face. Let ours be “another face” we make ourselves with the right skincare routine.

There are many ways to resist the gradual entropy that impacts everyone and everything on this earth, but the simplest and least expensive method for our looks is natural home skincare. The definition of “routine” is “a sequence of actions followed on a regular basis”. Everyone has their own daily routine and not necessarily the same routine from the moment they wake up until they go to bed at night. But what we do have in common is appreciating compliments about the way we look. In order to keep our skin looking younger for longer, we need to introduce a skincare routine into our daily lives as soon as possible. Wrinkle-free skin is maintained through a long and complex process that must start early. This process undoubtedly includes sleep, proper nutrition, sufficient hydration and sport. These need to be complemented by daily gestures and actions that make up the skincare routine, fine-tuned through long and regular practice. Simply washing your face and applying ‘some’ moisturiser is not really sufficient, but of course better than nothing. Face masks used frequently (at least once a week), facial massages and a visit to the beauty salon once a month for a more intense treatment should become a habit. However, the main results are from the daily gestures.

Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, two women who revolutionised the beauty industry way back in the era of female emancipation, and dominated the beauty market for a full 50 years, made a habit of applying a face mask every day or having a cosmetic treatment. Their smooth and glowing skin was testimony to the guarantee of the lotions and potions they produced. If these habits seem somewhat onerous, the routine can be limited to a few simple steps that include cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and self-massaging. It is essential that the products used benefit the skin and don’t harm it in any way.

A simple routine for lasting beauty

· Splashing your face with cold mineral or rain water should be the first gesture in the morning to “wake up” and freshen your skin. Cold water can give your face a new lease of life.

· The simplest cleaning can then be done with a mild soap. This avoids unnecessary rubbing of the epidermis with a cleansing pad. In addition, ordinary commercial cleaning products can be harsh and dehydrate the skin. Evantyne soaps are the best choice and natural soaps of such delicacy are rarely found on the market. They are manufactured by cold saponification with added fat (superfatting) resulting in a nourishing and protective soap for the skin. They contain glycerine ensuring skin hydration and are scented with essential oils that add beneficial properties. Here is a testimonial from Nancy, a woman with a beautiful complexion but which was lacking luminosity: With the soap you gave me, my facial skin is amazing! Indeed, even in the absence of any special face care, this soap alone immensely improved the appearance of the skin.

· At least once a week, and depending on the skin type, the simple wash mentioned above can be accompanied by brushing (using e.g. an electric facial device), with immediate results: the face is clean and glowing.

· If you have enough time, you can continue with massaging the skin of the outer corner of the eyes and cheeks while the skin is wet (the device generally contains the brush and two massage heads).

· Next comes a face toner, a serum (for mature skin), an eye cream and a day moisturiser.
The evening routine is similar, washing with warm water. Evantyne soaps are even suitable for gently removing make-up. The final touch should be a nourishing night cream.
And let’s not forget the beneficial effects of exercise, fresh air, enjoyable activities. And especially that serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine are also part of the beauty routine, because happiness reaches the skin and is reflected from it.

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