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Fine soaps, perfumes, cosmetics… products that were not available to everyone in the 1980s, especially in certain parts of Europe. However, Jade Feuchtigkeits Tagescreme remains my first treasure from a free country in the West. A Romanian teenage girl started using a face cream made in Germany. It was probably early to establish a beauty routine, but that’s how it all started. Over the years other creams followed, but Garnier or L’Oréal seemed to me then to be the best makes. Dior, would of course have been the ultimate cream but remained an “unfulfilled dream.” 

Just as I remember my first beauty cream, I also remember the last: a stock of AHAVA (אַהֲבָה, “love” in Hebrew) that I returned with from Israel, the country I left with tears in my eyes after many months of living in “milk and honey.” But in 2003 I received a gift set of L’Oréal crème hydratante, jour et nuit, contour des yeux. I had already decided that my skin should be cared for naturally and this was the crucial moment when I stopped using industrial cosmetics. It was probably predestined that this set should therefore be given to the person who had offered me my first cream, Aunty Nunu, who had also supplied me with many other beautiful rarities during the communist years.

I started using vegetable oils and making my own Galen waxes. I discovered essential oils and Aloe vera and they were added to my formulas, then at some point I learned how to make emulsions – a major breakthrough. Eventually, I managed to give my hand-made creams that fine texture, similar to my first industrial creams, whose texture is now the only thing I admire. Numerous cosmetic elixirs, soaps and beauty rituals were added and my life for beauty became my “natural state”.
I inspired my sister, who collaborated with me in all my subsequent projects, and also two friends, who were sadly two disappointments.
We then discovered Marius, who supported us when the time came to request a European mini-grant for our project. He was also quickly infected by the “soap virus”!

We were then joined by Gabriela, an old friend of 25 years, who brings her impressive entrepreneurial skills to our venture.

And today this is the Evantyne team, whose main aim is to inspire you to boost and preserve your natural beauty, the natural way.

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