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Daniela and Ofelia are sisters. Daniela stopped using ‘conventional’ cosmetics in 2003 and began to create her own cosmetic formulas, which eventually became “beauty elixirs”. In turn, Ofelia also gave up conventional cosmetics and her skin improved drastically. In 2013 Ofelia and Daniela, using their own resources, started to ‘officially’ create formulas for creams and soaps in Belgium, creating the start-up ‘VELVETIN cosmétique sur mesure’. In 2019, a collaboration with Marius began within the European project Diaspora Start-Up. The company ‘VELOUDIN natural beauty’ was created in Tecuci, Romania, where 100% natural soaps are produced with Aloe vera gel from organic crops from Crete and other special natural ingredients. VELVETIN and VELOUDIN are a play on words in English and Greek, meaning ‘in velvet’ in reverse order. EVANTYNE is a brand of VELOUDIN, the name being inspired by the female name of Greek origin ‘Evanthe’ with the meaning of ‘fair flower’. ‘Fair flower’ is also a concept that appeared in early 2006 in the Netherlands to support fair trade in plants and flowers from sustainable agriculture.

Daniela studied Environmental Engineering and Law, holds a doctoral degree and works in the field of bio-products research and development. She is a member of the board of administrators of a non-profit organisation for organic waste recycling, which was awarded in 2018 the Special Jury AwardBelgian Energy and Environment Awards. She is coach and a ‘zero waste’ ambassador for Brussels Environment, the environment and energy federal administration in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Ofelia is a cosmetician-aesthetician with a Diploma in Aesthetics (obtained with distinction), and is a successful entrepreneur with more than 15 years of business experience. She studied Economics of Tourism and Prophylaxis in Dentistry, an area in which she has seven years’ experience as a hygienist. She has taught management at the Dr. Constantin Găucan Dental Techniques College in Bucharest. She is a specialist in Occupational Safety and Protection as well as in Waste Management, and has worked as a mediator at the College of Mediators in Romania.

Marius is Ofelia’s old schoolmate. He studied Law, and since 2001 has built up a solid experience in project management, participating in numerous electricity projects in Portugal, Ireland, England, Scotland and Angola. He is also a Portuguese citizen and has a principal role in implementing our project in line with European standards, in Tecuci, a city he wants to place on the map of producers of natural and quality cosmetics.

Our common passion is natural cosmetics and soaps and we promote natural and non-artificial beauty, with exclusively natural products.

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